slip trainer 6.0

A simple, affordable and effective tool for providing reactive perturbation and step training.  Supported by the latest research, 
the Slip Trainer 6.0 allows therapists to improve balance and reduce fall rates among their client base.  Using “Reactive Training” instead of the typical anticipatory training, the Slip Trainer 6.0 allows therapists to quickly and dramatically improve reactive stepping responses in as little as one visit.


Our goal, as with all of our designs, is to enhance the rehabilitation process by providing solutions that are simple, timely and effective.

This way, the therapist's learning curve is drastically shortened and their focus can be put where it should be...the patients recovery.

Easy storage with foldable design

Strong, lightweight stainless steel handle with rubber coating for comfort and safety

Wide multi-ply wooden base safety, versatility with 360 degree positioning capability

Equipped with 6 rubber-coated wheels that allow for patients of most sizes

Rubber-coated wheels provide smooth and quiet rolling on any surface

For Safety, the Slip Trainer 6.0 is to be used while in a harness.

The suggested harness is MASS Rehab's Balance Harness.

This the most comfortable and efficient option for your patient to quickly get in and get out while feeling secure during rehabilation.

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