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Movement and Sports Specialties (M. A. S. S.) began over 20 years ago when founder Steve Heinrichs developed a simple "2-Loop" harness named the M. A. S. S. Strap that was used by parents to assist children in learning how to ride a bike, rollerskate, etc. Steve also began to realize that there could be rehabilitation applications for his invention for helping adults with balance and gait disorders. So he reached out Dr. Kurt Jackson PT, Ph.D. to discuss what some of those possibilities could be.  Dr. Jackson is a Professor and researcher at the University of Dayton who specializes in working with individuals with neurological and balance disorders.  This would be the start of a long and fruitful partnership and the founding of MASS Rehab Inc. The combination of Steve's background in physical education and movement science and Dr. Jackson's clinical and research experience has allowed MASS Rehab Inc. to become a leader in the rehab industry in providing simple, effective and affordable physical therapy products that promote evidence-based functional rehabilitation.  

Steve Heinrichs Co-Founder

Steve Heinrichs MS is a co-founder of M.A.S.S. Rehab Inc.  He has a Master's degree in Movement Science and an extensive background in physical education and coaching.  He patented the original "MASS Strap" that was used for teaching children to ride bicycles and rollerskate safely and subsequently for gait and balance rehab applications. His practical knowledge and sewing expertise allows for rapid prototyping and customization to meet customer and patient needs.

Kurt Jackson PT, Ph.D., GCS Co-Founder

Dr. Jackson is an Associate Professor at the University of Dayton’s Doctor of Physical Therapy Program in Dayton.  He has published numerous peer-reviewed scientific articles in top-tier journals as well as book chapters on interventions for improving gait, balance, and function in older adults and individuals with chronic neurological disorders. He has presented his findings nationally and internationally and conducts teaches formal clinical education programs for rehab professionals. He has also practiced in all clinical settings.

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We specialize in many therapy and rehab products from gait training, to height adjustment pulley systems, to perturbation training equipment.




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